Loudoun Firearms Restrictions

One of the reasons I live in Virginia is the state’s common sense approach to firearms and the 2d Amendment.  Unfortunately, the supervisors in the County where my daughters have lived most of their lives (Loudoun County) have recently taken to 2d Amendment infringement and gun range engineering.

Loudoun County Supervisors BR: LeTourneau, Higgins, Saines, Meyer, Buffington. FR: Volpe, Buona, Randall, Umstattd

This past Tuesday I delivered five copies of “A Citizen’s Guide to Marksmanship” and pictures of Sitting Bull, Annie Oakley and Audie Murphy to the Loudoun County supervisors meeting.  Unfortunately I had to leave early (before my slot to speak arrived).  Evidently the meeting went until well after 1am… reportedly the longest Supervisors’ deliberation in the County’s history.

You can find existing regulation here.

Evidently one of four men fired a machine gun recently, resulting in bullet strikes on several homes.  Certainly cause for concern… and no one was charged in the incident.  I am passionate about responsible gun ownership and handling.  I expect a lot of an  American citizen in general.  

Two Supervisor responses are an issue:  1) “training” to insure gun owners are familiar with the law; and 2) restrictions which specify gun handling and ranges on private property.  

Ignorance of the law is never an excuse in court.  Ignorance of the ballistics of your  firearm is no excuse either…  Without more information regarding the incidents cited above, we can’t comment on whether Loudoun County law enforcement couldn’t confiscate said “machine gun” or otherwise charge one or all persons associated with said firearm with some federal, state or local infraction.

Perhaps I will be able to attend the entire meeting next time.  My first comment, regarding Sitting Bull:  in the event a Loudoun County supervisor wants to place him or herself on the Reservation, so be it, but don’t bring the rest of the county with you.  Regarding little Annie and little Audie:  shooting practice on private lands and, indeed, learning to shoot at an early age, are fundamental to attaining expertise.  Be safe, be responsible.  But let’s not micromanage that process.

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