Mid-course 2017

We are almost half way through 2017 and shootings are up, most prominently one targeting a Congressional Republican baseball practice.  Many of these, like the baseball practice, were visible suicides.  Shooters didn’t  study tactical options, select weapons in an attempt to maximize casualties or even determine in advance who was targeted.

Guns were the  tools, but something else appears to be going on here.  Cries for  help, without the option of life after the event.  The vitriol  of the 2016 Presidential election, or a culture of violence in this country might take the blame, but a general economic malaise along with a new nastiness for the person you are passing in the street…

Smile at someone today.  Bring some cookies to a neighbor.  Provide some employment advice.  Let’s turn this around.  In any event, the game goes on!

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